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 The Wolf Totem

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PostSubject: The Wolf Totem   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:02 pm

The Wolf

People with this totem are often more family orientated.
They respect loyalty and appreciate trust from friends and family.
They look within and work with their totem to find answers into their new direction ahead.

While some might not know what's in store for them adventure-wise,
they always trust their instincts and also intuition to know when to rely on their instincts.

The Consciousness of the Wolf is known as the teacher and is often portrayed as a Guiding Light. Totems that are working with you in this time in the now are often the most direct in lines of communication.
Working with Wolf in meditation and inner work; its easier to say that you can find yourself and your true calling to work with Spirit.

Maybe its time for you to do the work and lead the path you were born to lead, but ever being mindful of positive intention and your surroundings with the people that you attract and which bring the kind of energy you wish to receive to your door.

Cherish the friendships made in the time of now, know and trust in your instincts when to let go of friends and kinships within your family and friends.
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The Wolf Totem
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