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 The Phoenix Totem

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PostSubject: The Phoenix Totem   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:07 pm

The Phoenix

The phoenix stands for renewal, transformation, changes and rebirth.
Often linked with magick too it holds no boundaries for endless possibilities.

When Phoenix totem arrives into your life, you can expect:-

1. Fiery changes happening in a matter of days up to a gradual process - change is imminent to happen.
2. A sense of renewal or a new lease of life or a new phase happening around you chapterwise.
3. A slow but sure transformation over the change and presence of self, whether that means you getting to know yourself on a higher vibrational wavelength
Or whether it means you are healing yourself regularly and are noticing the changes as you work.
3. It can also link with creation and creative pursuits and help with strength and determination to see you through the hardships.
4. It is indeed a sun sign as its element is fire, born from the ashes and from fiery embers.
5. This energy also brings to mind the tower card in tarot in the knowledge that these hardships may happen but they are happening for the right reasons.
6. His energy will help you mellow out the kinks and bring to you a much more even pathway.
7. Also another symbol for good luck and prosperity. An indicator for magickal times being upon us even when we lose faith or sight of things in our journey.
8. A sense of longevity and everlasting hope being reborn unto ourselves.
9. Resurrection of old ghosted memories, flashbacks and feelings and laying them to rest.
10. Also brings to mind the devil card in tarot which indicates suppressing your own inner desires and not letting your voice be heard
but knowing that once you do let you voice be heard, then good times of change are ahead and your heart's word has been said.
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The Phoenix Totem
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