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 The Cat Totem

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PostSubject: The Cat Totem   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:04 pm

Cats, especially housecats are often misunderstood.
The energy movement and messages delivered beyond cat's energy is
questioning you to simply that you are being asked to trust your instincts.
Cats are NOT Tricksters nor are they jesters of any variety.

Cats KNOW when they wish to TRUST you and the people you are with.
Cats will LEAP over the person if they do not like them, or difference in opinions vary otherwise to be said.
Cat's message is vital to the use of your instincts, in knowing when to purge forward with your quest and your mission.

The house cat often comes as in need as well when people that have befriended cat as their totem animal require healing.
Its been known to man that Cat - when they capture something of interest - to stare unblinkingly at something that is energy based, much like the Sphinx
out of Egyptian history. When that happens, its often that they are sensing Spirit or another Energy Being in the space you are living in.

Cats do have other properties and meanings too - for example - Lion is the big cat meaning courage, drive and encouragement.
In knowledge when to set doubt aside while working with cat's energy and consciousness.
More importantly, people with lion totems often tend to be more bolder, stronger with the ability to land on their feet.
If lion visits you as a totem animal, you KNOW that independibility is yours for the taking
And that your path is healing the trust and injustice done to you by others.

Tigers work with Doubt and Manifestation. Tiger energy is fierce and bold, they take pride in the knowledge
of knowing when to move stealthily so that others cannot see them. Slinking smoothly through the undergrowth
that camoflagues their ability to track and search within one's senses for the answer to the self or higher self.
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The Cat Totem
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