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 The Dragonfly Totem

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PostSubject: The Dragonfly Totem   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:08 pm

Dragonfly is an ancient soul much like the butterfly in the woven mists of time. Dragonfly aligns thought patterns and emotions.
It also is the positive way in which transformation can take place and changes on a communicative level.
The dragonfly might fly around but this totem can also banish the feelings of disillusionment and clear the way forward for the new prospects of the future.
With this totem, one can adapt to the new chapter and new beginnings in part to the new lease of life that one is going through with signs of fertility at its finest moments.
Dragon energy comes forward into your life when a new perspective is needed, in order for you to let go of old ideas to allow room for growth and new ideas to inspire in a momentum of balance.
With sure and focused patterns of flight, dragonfly introduces magickal perspective to your life bringing with it energies of positivity and flexibility within your routine.

Dragonfly echos sentiments of change and transformation and birth and allows you to seek out the parts of your inner self and allows you to look forward to parts of your path
that require the changes and new energy of healing light and illumination to enlighten you further. Dragonfly totem also brings back colour into your perspective and lifestyle
IF you are looking at things from a fairly black or white perspective.
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The Dragonfly Totem
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