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 Amethyst Protective Stone

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PostSubject: Amethyst Protective Stone   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:09 pm


Amethyst is a beautiful stone used in crystal jewellery and also talisman magick, it functions on a much higher frequency and also encourages protection particularly when placed up alongside clear quartz in crystal grids.
It intensifies the protective qualities of this stone. When bonding with this crystal, know that it is a good dream stone and is effective for when guarding up against night terrors and mares.

It is also good for clearing the earth within the matrix and is efficient in bringing a sober mindset to the friend of the stone in itself. A good stone for protecting up against anything negative and for flagging up the negativity to one's awareness.
One of the things that I find with Amethyst if I wear it for too long and am open is that it will attract the alike minded moods and frequencies with similar moods in re... working with Law of Attraction so make sure it is cleared first before worn or used.

Amethyst is also a stone that works with the third eye consciousness. And also can be an extremely communicative stone if asked and worked with on a regular basis.
It can show you things from animal totems up if working with a clear surfaced amethyst up to crystal beings with a quirky sense of personality and humor. Amethyst is also entirely great for healing energies and for divining matters of the present.
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Amethyst Protective Stone
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