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 10 ways on how to cleanse your stones

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PostSubject: 10 ways on how to cleanse your stones   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:08 pm

10 Ways on How to Clear and Cleanse Your Stones

1. Full moonlight/Starlight: - duration of up to 3 hours or 3 days on full moon for a deeper clearing:- Working with the full moon energies when the energies are at its heightened form, simply request for Selene or the Moon to clear the energy from your crystals
that you have placed on the windowsill ledge and ask her to surround them with her beautiful healing cleansing energy of positive intention and light.
2. Smudging:- The Native American Way: By working with positive intention to simply state your positive intention - as simple or as complex as you like in a tailored request and ask for the incense to clear away the old vibrations and old energy.
3. Supermoons:- Same directive as full moonlight particularly useful for clearing away negative vibrations for when the old cord needs to be cut too.
4. Clearing Stones:- Some stones too like carnelian and citrine can also clear away stones if placed next to them in the vicinity of their energies. Ask for them to clear and they should respectively clear away the energy, respectively.
5. Reiki and Healing Light:- Hold between the palm of your hands and focus the energy of healing light and reik into the stone. Hold for 30 seconds until energy has activated the flow of positivity.
6. Spirit And Angel Healing Hands:- Ask your Spirit Guide and Angel Guide to positively clear away what's needed to be cleared - completed by positive intention.
7. Water - Not for Selenite or Gypsum or any form of soft centered stone that is likely to wear away remanents of the crystal itself.
8. Sea Salt Baths - Sometimes stones can tell or show you in their own crystalline way which way they'd like to be cleared. If you haven't got sea water handy combine sea salt and water together to produce the same effect.
9. Ethereal Stone Grids- Can also clear away negative vibrations around your stones. So if you didn't have a clearing stone to clear them with, use the replica of the same energy - build it up in your mind as you would in meditation for focusing with
and then visualize love from the stones to clear away the old energy.
10. Love or White or Pink Light:- This too can also clear away the old vibrations of negativity with the power of positive intention and positive gentle thoughts.
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10 ways on how to cleanse your stones
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