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 Mystique's Guidelines

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PostSubject: Mystique's Guidelines   Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:29 pm

We are a family-friendly soul network for anyone that's intrigued by the mind,body and spirit pathway and the mystical, magickal pathway. We are an online home for family-orientated site and supportive community for anyone that wishes to learn and to share their wisdom, teachings and knowledge alongside us. We feel that our colloboration of guidelines must therefore be composed and written up for people to understand who we are and who we are not!
All paths of life and journeys as welcomed here. Be aware that people which find us may be on different paths to you as everyone is different and their lifestyles are different.
Be respectful to all coming in through our entrance, whether they are guided to us by spirit or drawn in through google search engine.
Our only main rule is for NO EGOS to be allowed or present in here. We feel that being egostical of any variety and mindset can hinder someone's progress with a negative perspective.

We hope this site will become a free and flowing site that appreciates people for who they are and respects them for that being who they are. Wink
We feel that by being a member of this site, you are not obligated to work here or feel as though you ought to be working here 24/7, there are no obligations to do that here.
Work done here is done voluntarily and by personal choice - only if you wish it!

Everyone has free will and freedom of choice and its by this which declares that you are free to decide what you wish to decide for yourselves, what's best for you!
We don't judge ANYONE on their specific circumstance, history, situation, personal development, progress, family situations as we feel tis best if you don't judge a book by its cover.
Having SAID that there are and you will come across people who DO judge in your pathway, the best approach therefore should you come across this is to think its a reflection on them not actually on YOU!
The key here is probably best to say not to give too much of yourself away and only at the time when you feel its right to divulge the information. After all, we are still an internet site, and it will take time getting to know us!

Readings and Healings:- Given for Entertainment Purposes Only - Readings and Healings furthermore are either tailored to a 1-2-1 sitting online, they can be offered on site and picked up on site or completed by our online chatroom. Healings are NOT substituted for medical treatment. We do not claim to be experts in the medical field so any issues such as health related issues or other issues must be taken to your doctor or local GP Before further action can be taken.

What is a Reading?

A reading is where a loved one can come forward to connect to convey a link that may be translated either spiritually or universally through the connection of love through visiting the medium and give you messages from them
as evidential confirmation and guidance to conclude they are with us and in existence of the higher plane that some people love to call the spirit world, heaven, otherwise known as the summerlands.
It is the medium's responsibility as well as the spirit's assistance and aid to help forward the message onto the sitter, in a tactful and diplomatic way to reassure them and for their peace of mind only.
A reading can also be beneficial in the way that readers can pick up things from peoples' energy when tuned in and open and convey messages across through the means of psychic energy to tactfully and diplomatically
convey the messages across from the aura energy that's surrounding the sitter.

What is a Healing?

Healing Energy comes straight from the source of the universe but also it can be visualized to direct healing energy out to people not just through tools such as crystals but also through the power of one's mind.
By simply visualizing or meditating one can guide the energy that's positive through and out to those in need through positive intention and will power. A healing session is not necessarily done by the old ways and means of sending out healing but can also be open to experimental healing energies as well....Healing Energy is offered freely to those that wish for it to be sent across to clientele, sometimes more intuitively based to send out healing energy more so than sticking to the old ways.....healing energies will indeed boost the vibrations and emotional energy on a level that seeks to lift one's vibrations up even higher and can also help with situations too.

we welcome all old and new ways of learning on our site...any further teachings also are welcomed on this......please feel free to share and share alike and ask if you have any further questions Wink
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Mystique's Guidelines
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