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 CelticRose's Intro

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PostSubject: CelticRose's Intro   Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:33 pm

Hi visitors and guests to all that are viewing this site!

I am 30 female from the UK, living at home in Colchester. I have been on this path at least 10 years and still proceeding slowly but surely with it. I hope this will become a good place and home to many that are curious and interested in leading a magickal and a mystical lifestyle, whether you are into witchcraft, wisecraft, wicca or paganism, shamanism, welcome home to the home of homes on the net.

I tend to hear feel and see spirit when they stop by to visit. I also am good with psychic energy in picking up things about certain people and situations. But usually tend not to use tools if this is concerned. I am empathetic and can also work with tarot, oracle, crystals in for energy healing purposes as well as reading. If I feel something is missing then I usually look to meditation but I use all of what I have been blessed with to help other people so if you need anything just ask.

I hope with my writing I can bring to the table useful tidbits of information that might not be found anywhere else and of which are all part of my own experiences, learning and knowledge. Anything you see written on this site and posted by me is inspirationally written, but also answers are more to be intuitively based.... reliant on instincts and first thoughts.... you are free to post other information though but please include links to the source as to where you got it from so as to not plagerize.
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CelticRose's Intro
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