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 Aura Repairs

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PostSubject: Aura Repairs   Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:26 pm

Aura repairs....

so guys (and gals)! This is something I have recently come across as I've discovered from olden days gone by that I've got a bit of a tear in my aura at the back. What I did to solve it was that........

1. Scan your aura firsts -go with where you are drawn to scan -if you are not sure how to do this then visualize your aura in your mind's eye and feel through your senses where it needs to be repaired... often helps if you have someone you trust with you to do this to make sure that you are doing it right.
2. Work out the source of the aura in the way that its been torn - e.g. if you were in an old relationship (like me) that turned sour, and which has alleviated over the years if you are encountering the no energy drainer types that just flag up on the psychic radar as the no energy types.
3. If you have any selenite pieces or tumbelstones this would be handy because you can also work with the actual tumblestones if wanted too plus the ethereal crystal stones, the consciousness will work the same way with positive intention as the real thing - place a stream of selenite pieces on the place where it is torn - and ask for the selenite healing energy to heal it further to the point where you see like a hidden thread weaving the aura energies together in place so that it remains strong and not easy to tear like it has in the past.
4. Work with LOVE and healing energy of the stone to clear it and purify it. You can also send the properties of the stone to the place where the aura is torn to heal it too.
5. I did this with a selenite point but always remember to place in light of full moon or sunlight whichever crystal in question prefers - - do not use water as selenite is soluable and will easily dissolve.
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Aura Repairs
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