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 Celestite Stone

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PostSubject: Celestite Stone   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:17 pm

Description:- A light blue coloured crystal often found with a lighter and airy vibration.

Celestite is the stone that connects to the angelic consciousness
bringing with it a harmonious feeling about this stone.
It encourages compassion as well as is associated with talking your own truth.
Use Celestite in healing meditations if you wish for a quiet mind and quiet consciousness.
It has the ability to bring centered calmness to your own well being and center point of self.
It can definitely enhance your connection with your personal and Guardian Angel as well as empower your own sense of self-worth and keeping a balanced energy levels in your lifestyle.

This is the relaxing stone known for chanelling information through from the universal level and planes of existence
Some which are known to mankind, some which aren't known and are more dimensional level.
It can also help you access past lives, The Hall of Records and the Angel Book of Knowledge too via Meditation.
It is an excellent healing crystal to calm down energy grids as well as communication stone
that can bring balance between divided energies as well as inner peace and clarity.
It can also help in dream recall as well as astral travel and it can focus and sharpen the mindset for further
development of astralling and journeying. It is also known as the stone of reflection, it can help ease fears or lay old ghosted feelings to rest.

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Celestite Stone
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