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 Blue Cobalt Stone

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PostSubject: Blue Cobalt Stone   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:12 pm

Blue Cobalt Crystal

Blue Cobalt Crystal is the metallic name of Blue Quartz. The energies of this stone when particularly bathed in sunshine and the warmth rays clear and charge the stone's consciousness and allows it to lift to a higher vibration.

This stone itself clears and alleviates blocks allowing the flow of energy to flow through the blockages and removes them in a positive but naturally freeing way.

It lifts the mood and stabilizes energies around us in our environment whether we are at work or play. It helps with concentration and inner vision, allowing the mind to focus and see and feel where it needs to go regardless of what self-made barriers are within.

It does indeed work with the throat chakra and helps with clairvoyance allowing the inner vision to lift and heighten the senses into a third eye awakening.

It acts as a channel to channell through positive vibrations and healing energies to the friend of the crystal in whichever home or building you have it in, it allows your conscious self to relax.
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Blue Cobalt Stone
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