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PostSubject: Labradorite   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:12 pm

It is considered to be the mystic stone of Transformation and Magic.
It can also be a stone of Protection and is a good stone for working with shielding and centering. It is a clear decider stone of balance and can be used for aura work.
Labradorite - as shown in the display above - is a green healing stone with a sheen of blue that sparkles in the light making it look a little bit like the essence of faery wings, but depending on what you wish to work with the stone for as regards to its purpose.

Spectrolite (Labradorite) is a useful crystal to have when working with Change and Willpower, determination and encouragement of strength. It can balance the aura and re-center your scattered energies if they are scattered. It can banish fear and insecurities of any kind as well as ill will and negativity, it can also assist with calming down an erratic mind and bringing calmness to the wearer of the stone.
It works with the Root Chakra and the grounding chakra called the Earth Star Chakra.

Certain stones have different personalities, they will teach you what they know respectively while working with them. It is perhaps a civil respect to ASK first before looking at programming. You don't need to program your stones just ask and ask for a sign from the stone to know that its receive your request.
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