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 Moonstone - Inspiration and Creativity

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PostSubject: Moonstone - Inspiration and Creativity   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:12 pm

The crystal consciousness of Moonstone is an inspirational crystal. It has a very feminine airiness about its energy and is also perceived as the Creative stone for bringing in new ideas and inspirations to the friend who has befriended the stone. It can also draw in strong energies of Abundance to one's life and works with the Positive Vibrations of the Secret Universal Law of Attraction.

When working with this stone particularly be assured that it does enhance foresight and bring prosperity.
It is a strong universal protector stone especially good for going through childbirth and also when giving birth to new life. It is also another journeying talisman protector stone to be kept with when at sea or journeying.
Moonstone especially Yellow Moonstone also supports the heart center and can relieve stress, anxieties or worries that are preying on the mind. It can bring calmness and clarity to one's journey.

It would also be a good gift to invite water faeries and elemental as well as merfolk that exist in energy form into your life, something to give back to the sea too. It brings out the best in people and can alleviate emotional stress and tension.

Apart from that, Moonstone is also a good crystal to work with to enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

With its connection to the moon, it also has the power to empower clearing energy and can work exceedingly well alongside the sea energy to clear your energy and keep channels free of negativity.
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Moonstone - Inspiration and Creativity
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