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 Rose Quartz

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PostSubject: Rose Quartz   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:11 pm

The feminine energy of Rose Quartz works with many qualities of Love, Compassion, Justice and Trust.
It encourages the friend to work with opening up the heart center and promotes a sense of peacefulness with your well-being and state of mind.

Rose Quartz is also a protective crystal with the knowledge that it is able to protect you from old relationships and ward of old feelings of intimacy, love by positioning its energies in the LEFT Hand side of the Home or Building for which you wish for it to be put. It can draw NEW LOVE into your live and reality were you to place it on the RIGHT hand side of your building and Home, or working space in which you practice in.

Rose Quartz is another stone like Clear Quartz and all the other stones that will only work with RESPECT
and conscious POSITIVE INTENTION. It is said also that it can bring the wearer and friend it befriends HOPE in times of need and great difficulty too.

Rose Quartz works with the HEART chakra and also with gentle but progressive steps lets you open the heart chakra with precision and by listening to the heart will bring you greater clarity and perhaps unlock the true potential and positive energy which will help you learn how to teach yourself from an intuitive perspective things that perhaps you didn't know about yourself that beauty does indeed come from within.
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Rose Quartz
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