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 Lemon Quartz

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PostSubject: Lemon Quartz   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:10 pm

Lemon Quartz enhances protection, grounding and for keeping a calmness within your mindset for meditation purposes.
Take Lemon Quartz with you on your journey if you wish to see insight on your future pathway and direction that you wish to journey in.
Lemon Quartz teaches about the wisdom of finding your own inner teaching and learning to work with your inner but higher self. It can assist in deeper meditation and bringing a balanced awareness for the clarity of the mind to the self.

It is said to support deeper findings and is a good stone to keep with you for soul searching as well. It allows the friend to focus on personal goals and ambitions and work with true intentions to make sure that your heart is in the right place in your journeying.
It brings clarity and a brighter perspective on life and is similar to Citrine in the sense that it is a good crystal to bring joyfulness into your lifestyle.
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Lemon Quartz
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