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  Ametrine Stone - ManMade

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PostSubject: Ametrine Stone - ManMade   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:10 pm


Ametrine is a manmade stone. But even man made stones still have their uses.
Ametrine is the combination of Amethyst with Citrine. Therefore this stone combines the two healing properties of both crystals into One. The amethyst healing properties are already posted.
Citrine properties however are not.

So, Citrine Consciousness actually is a good stone. It is also a self-clearer crystal with the ability to cleanse any stone within its surroundings that its placed next to like Carnelian in that aspect.
Citrine is a positive crystal that has the ability to lift your spirits up into a higher vibration level of positive energy.
It can brighten up your lives and those who work with its consciousness.
It is the stone that can turn your world around and also is a good stone to carry in social settings.
As its the lightness that this stone can bring which can light up the room too.

It is a good stone for bringing in success in any new adventure or business purpose stone and also is known as the manifesting stone to draw in the manifesting of abundance energies. It is the generosity stone too.
It is not the same as Lemon Quartz. It does indeed also work with self-esteem and confidence building too in more ways than one with the friend that befriends the stone.
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Ametrine Stone - ManMade
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