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 Mystique's Dream

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PostSubject: Mystique's Dream   Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:53 pm

Our dream in this journey that we call life is to provide a close knit community of souls that are currently living a human existence to reunite in unity of genuine friendship and trust.

We are not to be seen as competitive to other sites or groups starting up. (We don't mind if you do work elsewhere, but just remember that this place holds no room for Drama or Negative Intention).

We have come together today to help one and another newly awoken to the path of working with Spirit and the Universe find their way in the world with positive intention and action.

We invite interested audience and people that practice anything within the holistic field or mind, body and spirit avenue of knowledge to join us.

Our intention is to build a family-friendly site where Ego and Negative Intention of any form DOES NOT play a part in it.

We are just ourselves hoping to be a supported community or network for newly awakened people finding us and working with us to complete our mission.
We believe in free will and freedom of choice that it it up to us to decide what's best for ourselves and our pathway and our pathway's findings as to where we work.

By doing this in our way and under our terms, we feel that it is best for us to remind each other that this is a learning curve for us as much as it is for you.

This site is called Mystiques and hopes to be supportive in the name of LOVE and Light, simply because that it what we hope to do to find ourselves within shifting perception to those who wish to help each other in the name of love. We therefore welcome anyone intrigued by discussing the subjects of mind,body and soul topics and also whom practice either in a solitary fashion on their own path but those who have positive intentions to heighten the focus and ambition of this site's dream and to manifest it into positive action.

If you are viewing our site's dream and mission, know that our site is set in simple colours currently because we are determined to make this work.
This is a reminder to our personal selves to keep our mindset and awareness free of the negative. So at the moment it may feel airy in here, but that's because its a good thing to keep space tidy.

In other words - Respect this as your own home and be respectful here too. We hope to encourage activity within our site.
Members are more than welcome to participate, if they wish to do so. You can start by posting an introduction in our Members Introduction section.
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Mystique's Dream
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